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Do you need help to create your perfect CV?....

Your CV is your first opportunity to introduce yourself to a prospective employer, so it is vital that it makes the right impression. It is essential that it contains accurate details about your employment, but also that it reflects you as a person.

Ensure that your CV is concise and professional. It should be clearly formatted, spell checked and, most importantly, you should be happy with its contents. Remember, the whole purpose of a CV is to get you an interview, so it needs to have impact.

Do you need a few ideas?

Here’s a few tips to help you get started

  • Make sure that your contact details are clear and easy to find.
  • A profile is your chance to shine and highlight all the things that you do well and the things that will make you attractive to a prospective employer. You can also explain how your experience and qualifications relate to the role that you have applied for.
  • Employment History – list everything you have done including dates, job title, company name and duties (key achievements are also great to see) with your current / last job listed first. Employers are most interested in what you’ve achieved recently.
  • Education – ensure you include your exam subjects, the dates taken and the qualifications you achieved, this will help you to remember at interview and prevent you from getting flustered trying to remember.
  • Hobbies give the employer an opportunity to know a bit more about you and your interests outside of work, many employers are interested in you as a person as well as being their employee. It is worth bearing in mind that you may be asked or quizzed about your interests, so if you don’t do it, don’t list it!
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